Clearance Single Color LED Strip Lights

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Available LED Colors
Wattage per Foot
4 W/ft (12.6 W/m), 3.5 W/ft (11.6 W/m), 3.3 W/ft (11 W/m)
IP Rating
 Weatherproof IP66 
Was $89.95
Now $79.88 ea.
Volume price as low as $71.89
Was $89.95
Now $79.88 ea.
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About Clearance Single Color LED Strip Lights

Single-color flexible strip lights produce an energy-efficient, appealing, and long-lasting solution for under-cabinet lighting, patio/deck lighting, accent lighting, and more. Our single-color strip lights come in a variety of colors, LED densities, lengths, and weatherproof ratings to match any need indoors or outdoors. All of our flexible strips are easily mounted with their adhesive backings, making any installation simple and easy.

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