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Clearance Dock Lights

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About Clearance Dock Lights

Loading docks can be busy and crowded environments with a high potential for injuries. With help from OSHA compliant LED loading dock lights, you can help create a safe work environment. These lights are significantly brighter than their traditional counterparts allowing them to illuminate the full length of a trailer or shipping container during the loading and unloading process with ease. Also due to their energy-efficient design, they last far longer than traditional lights and reduce the need for costly maintenance. Our lights are made out of a durable, die-cast aluminum and come equipped with a stainless steel lens guard and a 40in collapsible mounting arm. These lights are built to stand up to the most rugged loading dock environments outdoor/indoor wet or dry. Each light is backed by a 5-year warranty and ship same-day from our in-stock, centrally located warehouse. Please reach out to our commercial sales reps for large orders to learn about possible volume discounts.

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