Smart Lighting

Smart lights add functionality, convenience, and personalization to your home’s lighting system. Create the atmosphere you want through a variety of color and white shade options. Not only are LED smart lights easy to use, but they are also energy-efficient and long-lasting. With a multitude of smart light options, adding smart lighting solutions to your home has never been easier.

Wirelessly control your LED smart lights with the touch of a button or the sound of your voice. Our smart light bulbs and controllers work through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant. Depending on which smart bulb or smart LED strip light controller you choose, you can use your phone, an included remote, or your Amazon Echo / Google Nest device to control them. Browse our smart light bulbs, smart LED strip lights, smart outdoor lighting, smart recessed lighting, and more below!

Choose The App That's Right For You

With MiBoxer, you can control groups of lights both inside and outside from the convenient location of your smart device or remote! The MiBoxer app is available across all devices. 

MiBoxer Hub and Smart Bulb with Smart Device MiBoxer Hub and Smart Bulb with Smart Device

MiBoxer Smart Ecosystem Diagram MiBoxer Smart Ecosystem Diagram

MiBoxer Smart Ecosystem

Bring LED smart lighting to your home or business with the complete line of MiBoxer products. The Wi-Fi Hub connects to the MiBoxer app, allowing you to control groups of lights via your smartphone or tablet. Previously known as MiLight, MiBoxer has been updated with new smart lighting features including voice control and is compatible with all previous MiLight devices.

  • Control multiple lights remotely to emit thousands of color or white options. Customize the brightness, saturation, and color-changing modes.
    Schedule lights to turn on and off with the scheduled timer.
  • Group lights and controllers to specific zones to manage multiple devices at a time with the MiBoxer app's linking feature.
  • Third-party voice capabilities allow you to control your lights using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
MiBoxer Remote Ecosystem Diagram MiBoxer Remote Ecosystem Diagram

MiBoxer Remote Ecosystem

Use the wireless RF remote with Waterproof RGB, MiLight / MiBoxer RGB, or RGBW controllers for LED strip light operation. You can also pair the RF remote with compatible LED smart bulbs and RGBW flood lights for interior and exterior smart lighting. Choose from thousands of RGB color options with the touch-activated color-selection wheel, or select pure white.

  • With the MiBoxer LED controller, you can easily control the speed, brightness, and dynamic or static color modes from up to 98' away in the open air.
  • Control lights in different areas with the remote’s 4 zone-control buttons.
  • Choose from dynamic or static color modes.

Control Using A Smart Device Or Remote

Designed For User Convenience– Everything You Need

Complete LED Strip Kits

Our all-in-one strip kits come with everything you need for your own complete
strip lighting installation. Available in various color options and control types.
Shop our extensive line of kits for indoor and outdoor applications.

Brilliant Exterior Lighting.

Outdoor Smart Lighting

Make your home’s exterior pop with outdoor smart lighting. Use zone controls and color-changing modes to create a unique outdoor lighting design around your pathways, hardscape, and exterior walls.

Personal. Convenient.

Indoor Smart Lighting

Use smart lights to conveniently and creatively meet your home lighting needs. Add beautiful accent lighting to your living room, bedroom, and more through remote-controlled smart lighting.