Custom LED Skylight Panels

Upgrade existing troffer lighting with a custom LED skylight panel from our Skylens® Collection. These LED panel lights are an easy alternative to traditional window skylights, delivering smooth, even lighting. Our custom LED light panels use light guide plates and edge-lit technology to create even light distribution through the image. Choose from a selection of vibrant images or upload your own for a customized print. Each skylight is printed by our in-house professionals, ensuring a quality print. These LED skylights can be easily installed in drop ceilings or surface mounted on ceiling junction boxes. Shop our range of sizes and multi-panel ceiling displays.

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Drop Ceiling Mounted Light Panel Drop Ceiling Mounted Light Panel

These LED skylights are designed to be mounted in suspended drop ceilings. Each panel light has a back-mounted driver box.

Surface Mounted Light Panel Surface Mounted Light Panel

These skylights can be mounted on the surface of a ceiling or wall. A surface-mount bracket is included with each light for attaching to recessed junction boxes.

LED Light Box Panels LED Light Box Panels

The ultra-thin light boxes can be used for stand-alone, wall-mount, or mobile applications.

Troffer Replacement Lenses Troffer Replacement Lenses

Swap your existing troffer lens with a Skylens®. Our replacement lenses are durable and easy to install. Made to fit into 2x2 or 2x4 recessed troffers.