Recessed Downlighting

These low-maintenance, energy-efficient recessed downlights provide uniform lighting for different spaces in your home. Whether you are working on a new construction or upgrading your existing lighting system, we have the right lights for you. Our recessed LED downlights fit a range of existing housings for retrofit applications and are also available in canless options. Install these lights in your kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and basements. Choose from our selection of dimmable, IC-rated, canless, and built-in junction box downlights. We also offer various color temperatures, trims, sizes, and features to help you find the light that best suits your home.
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What Are Recessed Downlights?

Recessed downlights are lighting fixtures installed directly into the ceiling. One of the main advantages of recessed downlights is that they provide a discreet, minimalist lighting option for spaces where you do not want to focus on the light fixture. These fixtures sit flush for a seamless, modern appearance to minimize visual clutter while maximizing space. Recessed downlights are designed to emit a wide, downward beam, so they are most commonly used for general area lighting. These fixtures are relatively easy to install, making them a great option for homeowners upgrading or installing new fixtures.

Common Recessed Downlight Applications

Recessed downlights are ideal for a variety of home applications, including installation in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, hallways, and basements. These lights are also a great option for rooms with low ceilings since they do not protrude outwards and can save overhead space. Different downlight trims can be used for unique purposes as well. Gimbal trim downlights are great for accent lighting and highlighting elements such as architectural features or hanging wall art. Reflector trim downlights are useful for spaces where you want to maximize the overall brightness of your light.

Popular Trims

RGB Strip Light RGB Strip Light


Baffle trims feature ridges or grooves around the inside of the trim, which helps to absorb and diffuse light. This trim is ideal for general ambient lighting or where softened lighting is desired.

RGBW Strip Light RGBW Strip Light

Flush Mount

Flush mount trims sit flush with the ceiling, providing a seamless appearance. They are suitable for installations where you desire a sleek and unobtrusive design. Flush mount trims work well in minimalist or contemporary settings.

RGBCCT Strip Light RGBCCT Strip Light


Gimbal trims feature a movable inner housing that directs light precisely where it's needed. This adjustability makes the gimbal trim ideal for accent lighting applications, such as highlighting artwork or architectural features.

RGB Strip Light RGB Strip Light


Reflector trims have a smooth, reflective surface to maximize light efficiency. Reflector trims are suitable for high-ceiling installations, as they can provide ample light coverage over a larger area.

RGBW Strip Light RGBW Strip Light


Smooth downlight trims have a clean, untextured surface. They offer a simple, streamlined design, making them versatile for various home applications. Smooth trims are often chosen for spaces where a clean and uniform appearance is desired.

Importance of IC-Rated Downlights

If you install recessed downlights in a location that will come in direct contact with insulation, you must ensure your light has an IC (Insulated Contact) rating. Fixtures with IC ratings have been tested and certified to withstand the heat generated during operation. If you choose lighting that isn’t IC-rated, your lights may pose a fire hazard to surrounding insulation.

How Do You Find the Right Size Downlight?

When you see the width listed on a recessed downlight, this refers to the can size diameter, not the total width of the trim. To find the correct downlight size, measure the inside diameter of your can light housing. The most common diameters measure close to one of the following whole numbers: 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, or 12″.

Can Light Retrofit vs Canless Downlight

A downlight “can” refers to the part of the fixture that is installed above the ceiling and contains the electrical components of the light fixture. When choosing the right downlight for your space, you should consider whether you want a downlight with or without a can. Deep recessed retrofit lights offer the benefit of reduced glare, so this is a great option for living spaces where you want comfortable, glare-free lighting. If you are replacing an existing downlight, you will want to make sure you choose a retrofit downlight that is compatible with your existing can. 


On the other hand, if you want to install a light in a new space, you might consider a canless downlight. Canless downlights feature ultra-thin housing and can be installed into drop ceilings, thin plasterboards, vaulted ceilings, or tight spaces in your joist cavity. These lights generally only need up to 1.5" of clearance, so canless downlights are a great option for areas that don’t have the space for traditional can housing. While this makes canless downlights versatile lighting solutions, keep in mind that they may not be available in all the typical trim styles.

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