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Using landscape lighting is one of the best ways to improve the exterior look of your home and yard. Outdoor lights can illuminate essential structures like paths and steps, as well as add accent lighting to highlight details around your landscape. With so many required materials and options to choose from, it might seem like a daunting task to get started on brightening up your outdoor space. Luckily, we offer the best LED landscape lighting kits that include everything you need for your lighting project.

Benefits of Using LED Landscaping Light Kits

Using a landscape lighting kit makes it easier to get all the supplies needed for your outdoor lighting. Instead of shopping for individual fixtures, bulbs, transformers, wires, and connectors, our LED landscaping light kits come with everything required. By choosing a lighting kit, you can guarantee that all the materials included will be compatible with each other, therefore eliminating guesswork and any issues that may arise from incompatible materials. 

Additionally, choosing a lighting kit makes it easier to add additional fixtures to your existing installations. We offer LED landscape lighting expansion kits that can easily add onto your previously installed complete kits. You can also mix and match expansion kits for landscape projects that require different types of lighting fixtures, as long as you make sure your transformer is rated to power it. Or, choose one of our kits that includes two different fixture types. 

Full Landscaping Kit ExampleFull Landscaping Kit Example

Home with Landscape Lighting Kit Home with Landscape Lighting Kit

Why Use LEDs for Your Landscape Lighting

Choosing LEDs over incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent lights for your landscape has a multitude of benefits. LEDs last considerably longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and are more energy efficient. This can save you money in the long run because you won’t have to buy replacement bulbs or fixtures. Plus, you can save money on your energy bill. 

LED landscape lights also lead to an easier installation. If you choose our integrated LED fixtures, you won’t have to worry about screwing in bulbs or finding compatible pieces. Simply hook up your lighting system, and you are one step closer to achieving your landscaping design. 

Landscape lighting kits from Super Bright LEDs come with either a 5-year or lifetime warranty. When you shop with us, you can rest assured that you are buying quality, long-lasting products. Start your landscape lighting journey today and browse our many LED kits

Where to Start with LED Landscaping Light Kits

Before beginning your landscape lighting project, it is important to plan out what you want for your landscape design. You might decide to light up your walkways, illuminate housing features, or add ambient lighting to your gardens. Once you know where you need lights, you can then choose the specific specs to help implement your design goal. Our lights have many different features that can influence the effect they have on your outdoor space.

Kit Type Kit Type

Kit Type

The type of LED landscaping light kit you need depends on where you are wanting to install your lights and what effect you want to achieve. We offer path light kits, spot light kits, spot light and path light combo kits, and expansion kits.

Path Light Finish Path Light Finish

Variety of Finishes

We offer multiple high-quality finishes for our LED landscaping light kits. Choose between solid brass, stainless steel, and aluminum. All of our fixtures are rated for outdoor use and are built to last in various weather conditions.

LED Integrated Spot Light LED Integrated Spot Light

LED-Ready and Integrated Fixtures

Our lighting kits are available in two different types of LED installation: LED-ready and integrated LEDs. An LED-ready fixture means that you are able to install and uninstall the bulb from the fixture. For an LED integrated light, the LEDs are already installed directly inside the fixture, and cannot be replaced without replacing the whole fixture. There are benefits to using either type of fixture. LED-ready lights allow you to easily swap bulbs out to change the beam angle, brightness, or color temperature. On the other hand, integrated lights have excellent performance with no maintenance and simple installation. For more information on integrated and LED-ready lights, read our blog posts here

CCT Value Spot Light CCT Value Spot Light

Different Colors and CCT

Depending on the fixture and kit you choose, your lights can emit different colors and correlated color temperatures (CCT). Choose between cool white, natural white, warm white, RGB, and RGBW options. For maximum customization, select a smart landscape kit that allows you to change between different RGB colors and whites with the help of Alexa, Google Assistant, or compatible smart app.

What is included in my landscaping light kit?

Full Landscape Kit Example Full Landscape Kit Example

Your complete LED landscape lighting kit will include the specified number of individual fixtures, bulbs, a low-voltage transformer, connectors, and necessary wiring. Expansion kits include everything listed above except for the low-voltage transformer. All products included in the kit are guaranteed to be compatible with each other. Additionally, everything included in our kits has been tried and tested by our in-house test lab. This ensures we supply the best LED landscape lighting kits that are high-quality and built to last. 

Our lighting fixtures are made from the best materials and are designed to withstand various weather conditions. Most fixtures come with an included stake for easy ground installation.

Each lighting kit comes with a high-quality LED light option. Our LED-ready kits come with a compatible bulb, while the integrated kits will have a built-in LED board. You can pick kits that include color-changing bulbs or ones that are set to the exact color temperature you want.

Landscape Kit Bulb Landscape Kit Bulb
Low Voltage Transformer Low Voltage Transformer

All of our complete landscape kits include a low-voltage transformer. Based on the kit you select, your transformer could include a timer that can be programmed to turn on and off your lighting system at designated times and/or a photocell that controls your light based on how dark or light the surrounding environment is. Also, our stainless steel transformers include a multi-tap output for longer runs and are designed to eliminate excessive voltage drop.

Each kit has the necessary amount of low-voltage splice connectors and two conductor direct burial wires. Depending on the kit, you can connect your lights from up to 100 feet away with our extended landscape wire. This allows you to store your transformer in a more convenient location if you want to install lighting fixtures further away. 

Splice Tool Landscape Kit Splice Tool Landscape Kit

Check out our article on planning an LED landscape lighting installation for more information on what you need to know before starting your landscape design.

Available Landscaping Light Kits

Path Light Kit Path Light Kit

Using path light kits around your walkways and steps is a great way to add illumination to hard-to-see paths. Not only can these lights serve to improve the accessibility and functionality of your landscape, but they can also improve the ambiance. Adding path lights to your garden, for example, will allow you to see your greenery at night. Choose from different decorative fixture styles that will suit your every need.

Spot Light Kit Spot Light Kit

Landscape spot lights can be used to add accent lighting to trees, shrubbery, flag poles, architectural features, statues, and much more! Spot lights are typically mounted in the ground and can be angled and adjusted to add a silhouette, scallop, or shadow for a dramatic lighting effect. You can also mount them from a high angle facing down to create a moonlighting effect.  We also offer IP68 waterproof rated spot lights that can be used underwater to add a glow in your pond or fountain. 

Spot Light Combo Spot Light Combo

Choosing a landscape lighting kit that offers both path lights and spot lights gives you greater options for how you can brighten your outdoor space. This is a great option for individuals wanting a mix of functional and decorative lighting. The same kit can be used to light up your walkway as well as your patio or structural details.


Expansion Light Kit Expansion Light Kit

Expansion light kits are great because they allow you to add light fixtures to your existing landscape lighting system. Depending on the low-voltage transformer and expansion lighting kit you add, you can attach multiple expansion kits to the main system. You can also choose an expansion kit with different fixtures than your existing complete kit.

For more ideas on how to use your lighting kit, check out our blog post on what landscape lights to use and how to use them. Or, shop our complete selection of LED landscape lighting kits here.

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Tips For How to Use Your LED Lighting Kits

Design Tips

Before buying your landscaping lights kits, it is best to sketch out a design of where you want to install your lights. Think about where the light fixtures will go, where you will bury the wire, and where you will be able to place the transformer. Take measurements of the distance between items to make sure you have enough wire and to ensure you can reduce voltage drop.

Decide on what wiring method you will use for your landscape project. Some popular ways include the daisy chain, T method, hub, loop, and split. 

Landscape Planning Landscape Planning

Daisy Chain

Landscape Planning Landscape Planning


Landscape Planning Landscape Planning


Landscape Planning Landscape Planning


Landscape Planning Landscape Planning


Technical Tips

For all landscape lighting designs, it is important to avoid a significant voltage drop. Voltage drop occurs when voltage slowly decreases as it gets further away from the power source. This causes the lights at the end of the series to appear dimmer. You can easily figure out the voltage drop that your design will encounter through this formula: wire length x total light wattage/wire constant x 2. Anything higher than a 1.5 volt drop should be fixed by getting a larger wire gauge or moving up to a higher wattage transformer. The furthest distance you can extend your wire without experiencing voltage drop is the max run.

Our complete lighting kits come with 100 feet of 14 gauge direct burial wire (3500 WC), and our expansion kits come with 50 feet of 14 gauge direct burial wire. Plugging those numbers into the equation will help you figure out how much voltage drop you might experience. To learn more about voltage drop and max run, read our blog post here.

A commonly asked question is how to connect the individual wire to the main line. Simply cut one of the main wires and connect those two ends with the two wires coming out of the light fixture using a silicon twist-on wire connector. Then, bury your lines and your wires will be secure.


Wire Voltage Drop Formula Wire Voltage Drop Formula

For deeper explanations of our landscaping light kit tips, read our complete installation planning guide here! For more inspiration on how to use your lighting kits, read our blog post on how to brighten up your backyard here.

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