Flag Light - Landscape Flood Lights & Spot Lights

Do you need a power supply?

In order for the 12 volt LED spot and flood lights to be used, a power supply will be needed. In order to choose the right power supply, you need to make sure it matches up with the power and environmental requirements for your project. For LED spot lights between 120 volt and 277 volt, these already come equipped with a built in power supply and only need to be hard wired to line voltage.

What do I need to complete my installation?

Depending on the installation and the type of light, there are several things that could be needed to complete your set up. In order for the 12 volt LED spot and flood lights to be used, a power supply/transformer will be needed. Additionally, you will also need wiring and connectors, which can be found in the accessories section of every product we sell.

Some optional installation accessories include photocells and remotes. Several of these landscape spot and flood lights can be paired with a photocell, allowing the light to turn on and off automatically at sunrise and sunset. There are also a few lights that can work with a remote or smart controls, which allows for convenient color, dimming, and timing controls. Additionally, most of these lights come with included accessories like mounting stakes or mounting brackets.

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