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Our LED corn bulbs are a great economical alternative to completely replacing your existing fixtures while saving energy costs and improving maximum light output. These LED corn bulbs have much longer lifespans than traditional HID or MH fixtures while being easy to install. We have bulbs with either medium E26/E27 or mogul EX39/E39 screw bases, which are ideal for retrofitting fixtures such as circular high bay and low bay lights, parking lot shoeboxes, wall packs, cobra heads, and post-top lights. Contact our rebate specialist to see if your purchase is eligible for local utility rebates.

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    80W LED Corn Bulb With EX39 Mogul Screw Base - Selectable CCT - Selectable Wattage - Up To 11,200 Lumens - 250W MH Equivalent - 3000K / 4000K / 5000K

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Super Bright LEDs, Inc. offers a 5-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and malfunctions. If you experience failure of an LED or other component not caused by negligence, abuse, unauthorized repair or disassembly, we will replace the product within the warranty period. In the case the exact product is no longer available, a gift card for the value of the original purchase price will be provided. Super Bright LEDs administers all warranty claims in-house. Read More
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Underwriters Laboratories (UL) LLC is an independent testing agency that works to verify product safety and quality. A UL-Listed label means that product samples have been tested by UL and that the product meets their Standards for Safety requirements.
Corn Bulb in Commercial Bollard Light Corn Bulb in Commercial Bollard Light

What is an LED corn bulb?

An LED corn bulb or "corn cob" bulb is a type of LED light bulb that resembles an ear of corn. They are named "corn bulbs" because of the small, individual LED lights arranged in rows on a metal heat-dissipating element around the bulb's base, resembling the kernels on a corn cob.

These bulbs are typical replacements for traditional high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, like metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps in outdoor and indoor lighting. Corn cob LED bulbs offer several benefits, including energy efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and a longer lifespan than HID lamps. Unlike HID bulbs, they are instant on, requiring no warmup time.

LED corn bulbs are available in different sizes and wattages to fit various lighting fixtures. They can produce a range of light colors, including warm white, cool white, and natural white. You can find corn bulbs in streetlights, parking lot lights, high bay lights, floodlights, and other commercial and industrial lighting fixtures.

What are LED corn bulbs used for?

LED corn bulbs are a versatile, energy-efficient option for bright, long-lasting lighting with many applications. They offer several benefits over traditional HID lamps, such as metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps. They provide a longer lifespan, lower maintenance costs, and better energy efficiency.

Where are LED corn cob bulbs used?

Some common uses of LED corn cob bulbs include retrofitting streetlights, high bay lights in warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings, and floodlights for outdoor areas such as parking lots, sports fields, and building facades.

You can also use LED corn bulbs in indoor lighting applications like recessed fixtures, track lighting, and ceiling fans. 

Close Up of Corn Bulb High Bay Close Up of Corn Bulb High Bay

Are LED corn bulbs safe?

LED corn bulbs are safer to use as they than traditional incandescent and HID bulbs because they produce less heat and do not contain hazardous materials, such as mercury.

These factors mean corn cob LED lights are less likely to cause fires or burns and create an environmental hazard if broken. Purchasing bulbs certified by reputable organizations, such as UL or ETL, is essential to ensure they have undergone testing and meet safety standards.

Like any electrical device, LED corn bulbs can pose a safety risk if misused or damaged. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation and use, and inspect the bulbs regularly for any signs of damage or wear.

How do I install LED corn lamps?

Installing LED corn lamps is one of the most effective ways to upgrade your bollard, post top, wall pack, flood light, or shoe box fixture. It is literally as easy as screwing in a light bulb. Check that you have the correct lamp base and that the dimensions of the bulb will fit within your fixture. If replacing an HID bulb, you must bypass the existing ballast. We also offer several screw-base adapters.

LED corn bulbs are available with the following screw base types:

E26 (Medium Base)

E26/E27 (Medium Base)

E39 (Mogul Base)

EX39 (Mogul Base)

How to Choose LED Corn Bulbs?

Here are some factors worth considering when choosing the right LED corn bulbs for your application:

- Wattage: LED corn bulbs come in different wattages, so you'll want to choose one appropriate for your fixture. Check the wattage of the bulb you are replacing and look for a bulb with a similar comparable wattage.

- Lumens: Lumens are a measure of brightness, so you'll want to choose an LED corn bulb with the appropriate number of lumens for your needs. Consider the size of the space you need to light and the level of brightness required. Choose a dimmable light for maximum versatility and energy savings.

- Color temperature: LED corn bulbs come in various color temperatures to create the atmosphere for your space and application. Here are the standard color temperatures measured in Kelvin (K):

Warm white (3000K)

This soft, yellowish-white light is often used in residential settings to create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

Natural white (4000K)

This white appears brighter and whiter, often used in commercial settings, such as offices, schools, and hospitals, to keep people more alert and focused.

Cool white (5000K

You will find this bright, blueish-white light in industrial and outdoor settings, such as warehouses, parking lots, and streetlights, where the priority is high output efficiency.

- Base type: There are many base types, so select one compatible with your fixture.

- Energy efficiency: LED bulbs already use less energy than traditional HID bulbs. Look for LED corn bulbs with high energy efficiency ratings for maximum savings on electricity costs in the long run.

Consider these factors to choose the corn cob bulbs best suited for your lighting needs.

Are LED corn bulbs any good?

Here are a few reasons to use a corn cob LED bulb:

- Energy efficiency: LEDs are much more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs. They use up to 70% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, resulting in significant cost savings.

- Long lifespan: LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours, meaning you'll have to replace LED bulbs much less frequently.

- High brightness: LED bulbs are available in various brightness levels and are generally brighter than traditional lighting options. These bulbs are ideal for use in outdoor and industrial settings where high illumination levels are required.

- Environmentally friendly: LEDs are more environmentally friendly than traditional bulbs. They don't contain any toxic substances such as mercury, and they are 100% recyclable.

Overall, the benefits of LED corn bulbs make them an ideal choice to upgrade your lighting system to a more efficient and cost-effective option.

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