LED Panel Lights & Troffer Lights

Our LED flat panel and troffer lights are the perfect lighting solutions to replace outdated fluorescent troffers. These fixtures include integrated LEDs so there’s no need to replace any bulbs or ballasts, saving on maintenance and repair costs. We carry common sizes like 2x2 and 2x4 in our panels and troffers, as well as 1x2 and 1x4 panel lights. Easily install into T-grid ceilings for a seamless fit. These lights are designed to last at least 5 times longer than traditional fluorescent tubes, and are best suited for a variety of indoor spaces such as offices, schools, hospitals, retail spaces, and other commercial settings. All of our LED panels and troffers come backed by either a 7-year or 5-year warranty and ship same-day from our centrally located warehouse.
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What are LED light panels used for?

LED Light Panels are used for a variety of applications. Install them in commercial and residential T-grid ceilings for a sleek, modern lighting solution in offices, schools, and basements. Light Panels can also be installed as light boxes, displays, or sign lighting.

Do LED light panels get hot?

No, LED light panels do not get hot. However, it is recommended to provide proper airflow to maximize the LED's lifetime! If proper airflow is not provided the LEDs and the LED driver may overheat and subsequently fail.

What is the difference between Edge-Lit and Back-Lit LED Panels?


The edge-it panels have LEDs along the inside edge of the fixture, directing the light at the guide panel and diffuser lens to evenly distribute the light.


The back-lit panels are constructed with LEDs on the back of the fixture, directing the light at the diffuser lens and creating a uniform light distribution.

Edge-lit and back-lit light panels are similar except for the way the LEDs are positioned.  Another difference between the two is that back-lit panels commonly have a larger profile than edge-lit due to the LED driver on the back of the fixture. With edge-lit light panels, the driver can be integrated into the frame of the fixture allowing the edge-lit light panel to be surface mounted directly to a junction box. For more information, please see our “LED Panels: Edge-Lit vs Back-Lit” article.

What are LED Troffers?

An LED troffer light is a recessed lighting fixture that is commonly installed into T-grid drop ceilings. Traditionally, LED troffers are steel fixtures with 2, 3, or 4 fluorescent bulbs installed. With LED troffers, the LED is integrated into the fixture, eliminating the need for bulbs and that low buzzing from fluorescent bulbs. This cuts down on energy consumption and maintenance costs. LED troffers also have a large selection of color temperatures and add a modern and contemporary look to your office. Shop our selection of LED troffers available in 2x2, 2x4, and 1x4!

Should I choose a light panel or a troffer?

Both fixtures are constructed for installation in T-grid drop ceilings found in offices, basements, and hotels and are commonly available in 2x2, 2x4, and 1x4 sizes. LED troffers and LED light panels can be used for similar applications, but with our edge-it Even-Glow® - LED Panel Lights you can surface mount them to a junction box on your wall to enhance your commercial or residential space. For information on which fixture is ideal for your application, contact our customer service department by calling 866-590-3533 or by emailing us anytime!

How do you install LED troffers?