Switching from incandescent bulbs to LED Bulbs will significantly decrease your power usage. A number of countries are in the process of phasing out incandescent bulbs entirely including Canada, Russia, Australia, and a large portion of the European Union.(Source) In the not too distant future most countries will have made the switch, but you don't have to wait until then to start saving. Use the Energy Savings Calculator to determine how much money you'll be saving by switching to LED lights!

Existing Bulb
Existing Bulb Wattage(W):
Unit Cost of Current Bulb($):
Number of Bulbs Currently In Use:
Lifetime of Existing Bulb(Hours):
Replacement LED Bulb
LED Replacement Bulb Wattage(W):
Unit Cost of LED Bulb($):
Number of LED Bulbs To Be Used:
Lifetime of LED Bulb (Hours):
Additional Information
Kilowatt-hour(kWh) Rate:
$0.13 is the U.S. National Average
Average Daily Bulb Usage (Hours):
Energy Savings Results
Investment for LED Replacement:
Current Electric Cost Per Month:
Electric Cost Using LEDs Per Month:
Energy Savings Per Month:
Total Energy Savings:
Total Bulb Replacement Savings:
Break-even Point:
Total Savings Using LED Bulbs:
Return on Investment:

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