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Comparable Wattage

Wedge Base

Part NO
Operating Temperature
Lumen Per Dollar
95 lm-30~+85 °C19.19 lumen/dollar$4.95
(Qty 1-349)
85 lm-30~+85 °C17.17 lumen/dollar$4.95
(Qty 1-349)
90 lm-30~+85 °C18.18 lumen/dollar$4.95
(Qty 1-349)
95 lm-30~+85 °C19.41 lumen/dollar$48.95
(Qty 1-99)
95 lm-30~+85 °C20.01 lumen/dollar$94.95
(Qty 1-49)
90 lm-30~+85 °C18.39 lumen/dollar$48.95
(Qty 1-99)
90 lm-30~+85 °C18.96 lumen/dollar$94.95
(Qty 1-49)
65 lm-30~+85 °C13.28 lumen/dollar$48.95
(Qty 1-99)
65 lm-30~+85 °C13.69 lumen/dollar$94.95
(Qty 1-49)

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