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Flathead Screwdriver

$0.99 ea.
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Product Code: SDF-x2
Stock: In Stock
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Available LED Colors
 Blue   Green   Red 
General purpose flathead screwdriver. Nickel plated with acetate clear handle. Available with blue, red, or green accents. Measures 86mm(3.39 in) x 12.70mm(0.50 in) x 12.70mm(0.50 in).

Crimper and Stripper Multi-tool

$8.95 ea.
Product Code: HS-313
Stock: In Stock
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Multi-tool that cuts, strips and crimps insulated and non-insulated 22-10 Gauge wire and wiring accessories. Cuts through small screws and bolts with cushioned grip for comfort.

Rocker Switch Actuator Removal Tool

$0.25 ea.
Product Code: RSC-RT
Stock: In Stock
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Rocker Switch CAP / Actuator removal tool

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