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Surface, Puck, and Stick-Up Lights

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235 lm
Power Consumption
3 Watts
Comparable Wattage
25 Watt Incandescent
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Starting at $19.95 ea.
Volume price as low as $17.95
Starting at $19.95 ea.
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About Surface, Puck, and Stick-Up Lights

When space is tight, LED puck and surface lights are a great solution for getting bright light where you need it. Being low-profile and energy-efficient they can be used for lighting cargo areas, cabinets, closets, kitchen counters, and more. Hassle-free and durable design means you can simply install them in boats or RV cabins and get back to your travels. These fixtures can be easily mounted to a surface or recessed into a position for a more permanent solution. We carry a variety of in-stock styles, color temperatures, and brightnesses to fit any application.

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