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Turn ordinary logos, advertisements, artwork, menus, movie posters, or photos into illuminated displays with these custom-printed or blank LED light boxes. Because they feature easy-to-use snap-open frames, you can quickly add or swap images at any time. These dimmable backlit light boxes use Even-Glow® technology to deliver smooth, flawless illumination through your image without visible bulbs or hot spots. A custom-printed graphic insert is included, but blank light boxes are also available for use with tension fabric displays, decals, etc. Upload your own image, or choose from more than 1 million stock images to be printed directly on the vinyl insert. Choose 16.1" x 23" or 23" x 32.6" sizes. The LED light boxes come equipped with installed hanging brackets on all sides for easy wall mounting, and a 9.5' 2-prong power cord is included. They operate within a wide 100-240 VAC range but can be used with a 24-volt power supply and compatible accessories for 24-volt mobile applications. These LED light boxes have sturdy aluminum alloy frames with a black or silver finish and are designed to last at least 25 times longer than bulky incandescent light boxes. Price per light box. Additional LUXART® graphic inserts are also available.
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