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Portable LED Work Lights

Part NO
Environmental Rating
Power Consumption (Watts)
Operating Voltage
Price Ea.
TJSL-50K60W7500 lmWeatherproof IP6560 W120 V$84.95
(Qty 1-49)
TJSL-50K100W12500 lmWeatherproof IP65100 W120 V$114.95
(Qty 1-49)
TJSL-50K120W15000 lmWeatherproof IP65120 W120 V$134.95
(Qty 1-49)
TJSL-5F20W50K-10P606 (Orange)12500 lmWeatherproof IP65100 W120 V$149.95
(Qty 1-49)
TJSL-5F05W35K-10P2406 (Black)3125 lmWeatherproof IP6525 W120 V$99.95
(Qty 1-49)
BWL-20W1800 lmWeatherproof IP6520 W12~24 V
120 V
(Qty 1-49)
TC-TSL-13W-50K-57150 lmWeatherproof IP6565 W120 V$99.95
(Qty 1-49)
NEB-WLT-00152000 lmIPx4--$54.99
(Qty 1-49)

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About Portable LED Work Lights

These LED work lights are perfect for temporary job site lighting, construction site lighting, garage lighting, commercial work areas, and more. Powerful rechargeable, tripod, and hanging options are available that are built to last a lifetime in any tough environment.

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