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Low-Voltage Transformers

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Part NO
Power Consumption
Output Rated Current
Output Channels
Input Frequency Range
Built-in PFC Function
Total Wire Length
Output Current Draw per Channel
Output Current
Ambient Operating Temperature
Case Material
IP Rating
LVT-075W-A-HS-11175 W6500 mA-60 HzNo72-6500 mA-20~+45 °C-Weatherproof IP54$119.95
(Qty 1-49)
LVT-150W-B-OS-211-12500 mA-60 HzNo72-12500 mA-20~+45 °C-Weatherproof IP54$159.95
(Qty 1-49)
LVT-300W-B-OS-311-25000 mA-60 HzNo72-25000 mA-20~+45 °C-Weatherproof IP54$199.95
(Qty 1-49)
LVT-600W-B-OS-412-50000 mA260 HzNo7225.0 mA50000 mA-20~+45 °C-Weatherproof IP54$259.95
(Qty 1-24)
LVT-60W-12VAC-5000 mA-----5000 mA-30~+40 °CPlasticWeatherproof IP54$32.95
(Qty 1-99)
LVT-120W-12VAC-10000 mA-----10000 mA-30~+40 °CPlasticWeatherproof IP54$45.95
(Qty 1-99)
LVT-200W-12VAC-16700 mA-----16700 mA-30~+40 °CPlasticWeatherproof IP54$69.95
(Qty 1-49)
DA-06-12W6 W500 mA-60 HzNo--500 mA--IP44$7.95
(Qty 1-349)
DA-10-12W10 W830 mA-60 HzNo--830 mA--IP44$9.95
(Qty 1-349)
DA-20-12W20 W1666 mA-60 HzNo--1666 mA--IP44$14.95
(Qty 1-349)
DA-60-12W60 W5000 mA-60 HzNo72-5000 mA--IP44$29.95
(Qty 1-99)
DA-100-12W100 W8300 mA-60 HzNo72-8300 mA--IP44$39.95
(Qty 1-99)

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About Low-Voltage Transformers

Power outdoor LED systems with our selection of low-voltage transformers. Our product line includes a range of capacity, with solutions for powering your path lights, flood lights, architectural accents, and more. With options like photocell, digital timers, and multi-tap features, lights can operate seamlessly to your exact specifications. The specialty G-LUX transformer completes its series as an entire plug-and-play landscape lighting system.

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