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LED Troffer Light Retrofits

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18W T8 LED Tube - 2,070 Lumens - 4ft - Single End Ballast Compatible/Ballast Bypass Type A/B - 32W Equivalent - 5000K/4000K/3500K
Available LED Colors
2070 lm
Ballast Compatibility
Type A/B (Ballast Bypass/Ballast Compatible)
LED Tube Wiring
Single Ended
In Stock
Starting at $8.95 ea. (per Bulb)
Volume price as low as $8.05
Starting at $8.95 ea. (per Bulb)
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About LED Troffer Light Retrofits

LED troffer light retrofit kits and bulbs are a great solution for upgrading your current fluorescent fixtures without a lot of work. Whether you need dual-ended or single-ended, ballast-bypass or plug and play, 2-foot or 4-foot, there's an LED T8 tube for any fixture. These mercury-free bulbs turn on instantly and won't flicker like fluorescent T8 tubes. T5 tubes are also available and have the same benefits. Other easy-to-install solutions are magnetic strip retrofit kits. These kits mount in place of traditional tubes. They speed up the retrofitting and decision-making process especially on larger commercial jobs—no more worries about what kind of tube to use, replacing tombstones, etc.

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