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LED Panel Lights & Troffer Lights

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Part NO
Beam Angle
CCT / Wavelength
Lumen Per Dollar
VTL-CW1515120 °5700 K412 lm10.31 lumen/dollar$39.95
(Qty 1-99)
VTL-NW1515120 °4000 K362 lm9.06 lumen/dollar$39.95
(Qty 1-99)

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About LED Panel Lights & Troffer Lights

Because LEDs are integrated into our panel and troffer lights, there are no bulbs to replace. Light is delivered exactly where it's needed. Reflectors aren't necessary, and no light is lost before making it out of the fixture. LED panel lights are available in many sizes, including popular 2'x2' and 2'x4' styles. Our panel lights use light guide plates and perimeter-mounted LEDs to emit a smooth, even glow with no visible bulbs (hot spots). Unlike fluorescent bulbs, these LED panel lights are flicker free and contain no mercury. Mount them in drop ceilings, suspend them, or mount them directly on ceiling surfaces.

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