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LED Light Bulbs - Universal Finder

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Part NO
Water Resistance
Power Consumption (Watts)
Operating Voltage
Operating Temperature
Price Ea.
AR111-CW9W-30-6PK600 lmNon-Weatherproof-12 V-20~+80 °C$58.95
(Qty 1-49)
AR111-WW9W-30-6PK600 lmNon-Weatherproof-12 V-20~+80 °C$58.95
(Qty 1-49)
MR16D-NW7-40-6PK685 lmNon-Weatherproof7 W12 V-10~+40 °C$48.88
MR16D-WW7-40-6PK620 lmNon-Weatherproof7 W12 V-10~+40 °C$48.88
MR16-CW5SMD-30-6PK375 lmNon-Weatherproof4.6 W12 V-$27.95
MR16-NW5SMD-30-6PK400 lmNon-Weatherproof4.6 W12 V-$27.95
MR16-WW5SMD-30-6PK330 lmNon-Weatherproof4.6 W12 V-$27.95
MR16-NW4W-P60-6PK300 lmNon-Weatherproof4 W12 V-$27.95
MR16-WW4W-P60-6PK300 lmNon-Weatherproof4 W12 V-$27.95
MR16D-40K5-80500 lmNon-Weatherproof5 W12 V0~+55 °C$7.95
(Qty 1-349)
MR16D-40K5-80-6PK500 lmNon-Weatherproof5 W12 V0~+55 °C$43.95
MR16-CW5SMD-120-6PK375 lmNon-Weatherproof4.6 W12 V-$27.95
MR16-NW5SMD-120-6PK400 lmNon-Weatherproof4.6 W12 V-$27.95
MR16-WW5SMD-120-6PK330 lmNon-Weatherproof4.6 W12 V-$27.95
ST18-UW5DF-12V350 lmDamp Locations
-8~16 V-25~+50 °C$9.95
(Qty 1-349)
ST18-UW5DF-12V-6PK350 lmDamp Locations
-8~16 V-25~+50 °C$53.95
PAR36-NW9W-160-6PK720 lmWeatherproof IP656.8 W12 V-40~+55 °C$84.95
PAR36-NW9W-30-6PK700 lmWeatherproof IP657.2 W12 V-45~+55 °C$87.95
PAR36-WW9W-30-6PK700 lmWeatherproof IP657.2 W12 V-45~+55 °C$87.95
MR16-CW48SMD-6PK300 lmNon-Weatherproof3 W9~14.8 V-$34.95
PAR36-CW9W-160730 lmWeatherproof IP659 W12 V-40~+55 °C$14.95
(Qty 1-349)
PAR36-CW9W-160-6PK730 lmWeatherproof IP659 W12 V-40~+55 °C$84.95
PAR36-CW9W-30-6PK700 lmWeatherproof IP657.2 W12 V-45~+55 °C$87.95
PAR36-A9W-160-6PK430 lmWeatherproof IP657.3 W12 V-40~+55 °C$84.95
PAR36-B9W-160-6PK80 lmWeatherproof IP657.3 W12 V-$84.95
PAR36-G9W-160-6PK460 lmWeatherproof IP657.3 W12 V-40~+55 °C$84.95
MR16-B48SMD-6PK30 lmNon-Weatherproof3 W9~14.8 V-$34.95
MR16-G48SMD-6PK110 lmNon-Weatherproof3 W9~14.8 V-$34.95
MR16-R48SMD-6PK25 lmNon-Weatherproof3 W9~14.8 V-$34.95
MR16-RGB-6PK-Non-Weatherproof1.3 W12 V-$52.95

About LED Light Bulbs - Universal Finder

LED light bulbs are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, intensities, and colors for a perfect fit in any application.

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