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Part NO
Water Resistance
Power Consumption (Watts)
Operating Voltage
Operating Temperature
Price Ea.
C9-PS-Weatherproof IP65-120 V-40~+50 °C$0.99
(Qty 1-1499)
C7-PS-Weatherproof IP65-120 V-40~+50 °C$0.99
(Qty 1-1499)
C9-PF-Weatherproof IP65-120 V-40~+50 °C$0.99
(Qty 1-1499)
C7-PF-Weatherproof IP65-120 V-40~+50 °C$0.99
(Qty 1-1499)
C9-PS-25PK-Weatherproof IP65-120 V-40~+50 °C$21.95
C9-PF-25PK-Weatherproof IP65-120 V-40~+50 °C$21.95
C7-PF-25PK-Weatherproof IP65-120 V-40~+50 °C$21.95
C7-PS-25PK-Weatherproof IP65-120 V-40~+50 °C$21.95
194-VHP512 lm-0.5 W10~30 V-30~+85 °C$4.95
(Qty 1-349)
CLS-PC7-5M25-Weatherproof IP65-120 V-$8.95
(Qty 1-349)
CLS-PC9-5M25-Weatherproof IP65-120 V-$10.95
(Qty 1-349)
G12-50LT-PU-Weatherproof IP65-120 V-$10.95
(Qty 1-349)
S14-PU1F---120 V-20~+45 °C$1.29
(Qty 1-1499)
S14-PU1F-6PK---120 V-20~+45 °C$7.35
G95-PR-MW23 lmNon-Weatherproof-85~265 V-$6.95
(Qty 1-349)
G95-PR-MW-6PK23 lmNon-Weatherproof-85~265 V-$39.95

About LED Light Bulbs - Universal Finder

LED light bulbs are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, intensities, and colors for a perfect fit in any application.

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