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LED Recessed Light Engine - Dual Square 98mm Aimable Trim - 8 Watt COB LED

RLFM series Modular LED Engines
$67.85 ea.
Product Code: RLFM-x8W-x-D98S
Stock: In Stock
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660 lm
Available LED Colors
 Cool White   Natural White   Warm White 
Base Type
Total Power Consumption(Max)
13.2 Watts
Bulb Type
Current Draw
Comparable Wattage
50-55 Watts, 65-70 Watts
Available Beam Angles
 38 degree   60 degree 
RLFM series is a comprehensive system of modular LED light engines for use with dedicated trim options that mount the LED unit in place. Modular Recessed LED Downlight Engine with 1 x 8W High Power Bridgelux COB (Chips-on-board) LED. Mount LED Engine with the included Dual Square 98mm Aimable Trim. Multifaceted reflector emits soft edge which eliminates sharp contrast between the illuminated and non-illuminated surfaces for visual comfort and aesthetic familiarity. Available with spot 38 degree beam pattern or flood 60 degree beam patterns in Cool White, Natural White, or Warm White. UL recognized constant current driver included, 100~240V AC operation.

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