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LED High Bay Lights

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Part NO
Color Temperature
Beam Angle
Output Equivalency
Lumen Per Dollar
Price Ea.
WUD-50K100H-110Cool 5000K110 °13000 lm400 W68.44 lumen/dollar$199.95
(Qty 1-49)
WUD-50K150H-110Cool 5000K110 °19500 lm400 W88.66 lumen/dollar$219.95
(Qty 1-24)
WUD-50K200H-110Cool 5000K110 °26000 lm750 W104.02 lumen/dollar$249.95
(Qty 1-24)
WUD-50K100H-110(White)Cool 5000K110 °13000 lm400 W61.92 lumen/dollar$209.95
(Qty 1-24)
WUD-50K150H-110(White)Cool 5000K110 °19500 lm400 W84.8 lumen/dollar$229.95
(Qty 1-24)
WUD-50K200H-110(White)Cool 5000K110 °26000 lm750 W100.02 lumen/dollar$259.95
(Qty 1-24)

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About LED High Bay Lights

Lighting up a large indoor space has never been easier and more efficient than with our line of LED high bay lights. They're perfect for indoor spaces with high ceilings (15-50ft), like warehouses, factories, supermarkets, gyms, retail stores, and many others. These high-bay lights are available in linear, UFO, and U-bracket flood light styles with options including prismatic reflectors and suspension kits. Our entire line of LED high bay lights provide excellent efficacy and output to illuminate your space while lasting 3 times longer than HID fixtures.

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