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Decorative LED Bulbs

Part NO
LED Color
CCT / Wavelength
Beam Angle
Comparable Wattage
Lumen Per Dollar
Price Ea.
G16D-WW4DFWarm 2700K2700 K360 °285 lm40 W81.66 lumen/dollar$3.49
(Qty 1-349)
G16D-UW4DFUltra Warm 2200K2200 K360 °208 lm40 W59.6 lumen/dollar$3.49
(Qty 1-349)
G16D-UW4GFUltra Warm 2000K2000 K360 °235 lm25 W39.5 lumen/dollar$5.95
(Qty 1-349)
G16D-UW4GF-6PKUltra Warm 2000K2000 K360 °235 lm25 W41.53 lumen/dollar$33.95
G16D-UW4DF-6PKUltra Warm 2200K2200 K360 °208 lm40 W62.56 lumen/dollar$19.95
G16D-WW4DF-6PKWarm 2700K2700 K360 °285 lm40 W85.71 lumen/dollar$19.95

About Decorative LED Bulbs

Decorative and vintage LED bulbs pair antique design with modern energy-saving technology. They're designed to make a statement in decorative fixtures and are available in a variety of styles and types. Use them for pendant lights, chandeliers, decorative light strands, patio lights, bistro lights, tent lighting, commercial light strings, outdoor wedding lights, or for any decorative application.

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