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Installation & Power Supplies

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LED Drivers & Power Supplies

A variety of LED drivers and LED power supplies are available to suit any LED lighting need. Choose from indoor and outdoor, battery-operated, wall-mounted, dimmable, or 12-volt and 24-volt LED drivers in popular brands, such as Meanwell and Magnitude.

In the past, constant-current LED power sources were referred to as LED drivers, and constant voltage LED power sources were called LED power supplies. Today, the terms are interchangeable.

Switches, Relays, & Sensors

Wide variety of switches for your LED project in your home, business, or vehicle. Toggle Switch, Rocker Switch, Push Button Switches, PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor), Proximity Switch, and Radio Frequency Remote switches.

Cables, Power Wires, & Accessories

Select from a wide variety of cables and LED light wire to create an LED lighting system. Options include 18 gauge wire, 24- and 22-gauge wire, insulated wire, low-voltage wire, 2-conductor wire, RGBW 4-conductor wire, RGB wire, and soo much more. These wires and cables can be used for anything from LED landscape lighting and under-cabinet lighting to single LED light installations.

Fuses & Wire Connectors

Selection of wire terminations including splice taps, butt connectors, wire nuts, and push on connectors for low voltage LED lighting installations in and around the house or vehicle. Mini-Automotive Blade Fuses, Circuit Protection Fuse Tap, Easy-Crimp Fuse Holder, and Waterproof Fuse Holder for automotive aftermarket LED lighting installations.

Cable Management & Mounting Supplies

UV resistant black nylon Cable Ties and Nylon Push Mount Base for Cable Ties. Selection of heat shrink tubing, corrugated split looms, and snap bushings. High performance foam tape, electrical tape, hook & loop fasteners, and RTV silicone sealant - for securing wire connections and other LED products to a wide variety of surfaces.

Empty Bases & Sockets

Empty Bases, Bulb Adapters, Sockets, & Wired Sockets for DIY projects needing a specific base for a LED bulb, building your own LED bulb, or for an old socket in need of repair. Festoon, Miniature Wedge Base, BA15 & BA9 Base LED Bulbs socket and bases and LED screw base bulb adapters/converters.

LED Controllers & LED Dimmers

LED controllers and LED dimmers allow you to achieve the exact brightness, lighting effects, and color levels desired from LED lighting. Choose from a large selection of LED dimmer switches, wall switches, in-line switches, wireless and multi-zone remotes, RGB and tunable white LED controllers, DMX controllers, LED amplifiers, motion sensors, and Wi-Fi hubs with smartphone/tablet compatible apps.

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