Explosion Proof Lights

Part NO
Product Weight
Operating Temperature
Lumen Per Dollar
12500 lm--30~+50 °C20.84 lumen/dollar$599.95
(Qty 1-24)
22500 lm23-30~+50 °C25 lumen/dollar$899.95
(Qty 1-24)
12500 lm--30~+50 °C20.84 lumen/dollar$599.95
(Qty 1-24)
22500 lm--30~+50 °C25 lumen/dollar$899.95
(Qty 1-24)

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About Explosion Proof Lights

These heavy-duty explosion proof LED lights are designed for hazardous locations in which vapors and gases are present. They're Class 1 Div 2 rated for granaries, mills, mines, gas stations, airplane hangars, and environments where petrochemical vapors exist. The waterproof explosion-proof LED lights are durably constructed with fully-sealed, vibration-resistant housings to prevent the release of sparks. Not only will these lights increase safety, they will do so while lowering energy costs and increasing light output.

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