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Low Voltage Bi-Pin - MR, JC Bi-Pin, R12, and AR111

Part NO
LED Color
CCT / Wavelength
Beam Angle
Comparable Wattage
Lumen Per Dollar
Price Ea.
AR111-WW9W-30Warm 3000K3000 K30 °600 lm60 W60.3 lumen/dollar$9.95
(Qty 1-349)
G4B-WWHP9-DACWarm 3000K3000 K120 °120 lm15 W40.68 lumen/dollar$2.95
(Qty 1-1499)
MR11-WW3SMD-30-V2Warm 3000K3000 K30 °215 lm25 W43.43 lumen/dollar$4.95
(Qty 1-349)
G4-WWHPWarm 3000K3000 K120 °50 lm10 W20.08 lumen/dollar$2.49
(Qty 1-1499)
G4-WW1WWarm 2700K2700 K180 °85 lm15 W28.81 lumen/dollar$2.95
(Qty 1-1499)
MR11-WW3SMD-30-V2-6PKWarm 3000K3000 K30 °215 lm25 W46.15 lumen/dollar$27.95
(Qty 1-99)
GY6.35-WW18-DACWarm 3000K3000 K360 °350 lm40 W50.36 lumen/dollar$6.95
(Qty 1-349)
GY6.35-WW27-DACWarm 3000K3000 K360 °450 lm40 W56.6 lumen/dollar$7.95
(Qty 1-349)
GY6.35-WWCOB-DACWarm 3000K3000 K360 °275 lm40 W46.22 lumen/dollar$5.95
(Qty 1-349)
G4-WW2-COBWWarm 2700K2700 K270 °180 lm15 W45.57 lumen/dollar$3.95
(Qty 1-349)

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About Low Voltage Bi-Pin - MR, JC Bi-Pin, R12, and AR111

Replace existing spot, flood, bi-pin, and tube light bulbs with these energy-efficient LED bulbs. Popular styles include MR16, MR11, PAR, BR, G4, and T8 bulbs.

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