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LED Strip Lights - Single Color

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LED Tube Lights - Super Flexible Neon LED Rope Lights

$12.95 to $19.95 ea.
Product Code: FLT-x
Stock: In Stock
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Available LED Colors
Cool White
Blue Green Amber Red
Wattage per Foot(Max)
3.6 Watts
LED Type
3528 SMD
9~14.2 VDC
IP Rating
Weather Resistant IP63
Strip Width
7.5mm (0.3in)
Suitable for Vehicles
Price Per Foot(Max)
Special Features
These LED Tube Lights can bend to your needs. Use for under-hood light, vehicle accent lighting, dark bends and footwells. In 5 colors, these LED light ropes provide you with a flexible light to match curved surfaces. The lightweight 1' or 2' lights can be powered by a battery pack or 12V power source. Weather-resistant LED Tube Lights don't contain hazardous materials and use much less energy than antique neon lights. Includes 3 mounting brackets for the 1' model and 4 mounting brackets for the 2' model.
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