Emergency & Service

Grille and Surface Mount Strobe Lights

Grille and Surface Mount LED strobe lights are typically used on police cars, fire engines, and ambulances, as well as other utility vehicles for towing, construction or city use. These smaller LED fixtures allow for a more customized look on your vehicle and the ability to place them in key areas, increasing visibility for other drivers and enhancing the look of your vehicle. All of our mini strobe lights can be controlled through a built-in or paired switch within the vehicle. The lights we carry come in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, and mount types, and support multiple strobe patterns. Our mini strobe lights are in-stock, ready to ship and come backed by a lifetime warranty.

LED Hideaway Strobe Lights

Hideaway LED Strobe lights provide warning protection for fire, rescue, police, ambulance, or construction vehicles requiring powerful discrete or even hidden warning lights. These strobe lights provide a number of different mounting options, colors, and selectable patterns.

LED Strobe Beacons

360 degree LED warning lights make your vehicle visible from all angles to help maximize safety. Amber-colored LED beacon lights are typically used on construction vehicles and private citizen vehicles like snow plow trucks and volunteer firefighters. They are also often used on agriculture, towing, and warehouse vehicles. In the past,halogens have been used for beacons light, but modern LEDs offer many benefits that halogens can’t. LEDs have an extended lifespan and can produce the same amount of light or more while using far less power to do so. Since LEDs require less power they can be left on while the engine is off, thus reducing fuel costs and lowering the risk of draining your battery. We carry a wide variety of in-stock sizes, flash patterns, and styles that are backed by our lifetime warranty.

Emergency LED Light Bars

With a compact size and permanent or temporary mounting capabilities, mini LED emergency light bars are extremely versatile. These mini LED emergency light bars create a powerful, bright, strobing light, making them perfect for police cars, fire response vehicles, tow trucks, snowplows, and other utility vehicles. Unlike old emergency lights of the past LED emergency lights require far less power to operate. They still produce a high output of light, but they won’t put a strain on your vehicle's battery. We carry a variety of in-stock styles, colors, shapes, and mount types. Our LED emergency light bars ship the same day and come backed by a lifetime warranty.

LED Safety Flares

LED safety flares are an important piece of equipment for first responders and everyday drivers alike. LED safety flares make broken down vehicles or accident scenes more visible to other drivers on the road. They can be seen up to one mile out and they feature a run time of up to 60 hours. Also unlike traditional road flares, LED safety flares are rechargeable and reusable. These lights also feature a magnetic base making them perfect for other non-emergency uses such as agriculture, construction, and industrial equipment identifiers.

LED Strobe Controllers

To enhance visibility on the road, strobe modules make LED warning or brake lights flash quickly, then remain constant until brake pedal is released. Installs inline.

LED Light Pods

LED light pods are a great way to add additional spot, fog, DRL, and driving light to your personal vehicle or work truck. Light pods are easily mounted to trucks, jeeps, ATVs, boats, motorcycles, or other vehicles with ease. Unlike light bars, light pods are smaller, between 2 and 9 inches, and allow for a more customizable lighting setup. We carry a wide variety of shapes, sizes, intensities, and color temperatures. We also carry a variety of beam angles including spot, medium, flood, combo beam, combo + side shooter, and selectable multi-beam. All of our light pods have been tested in-house and come backed by a lifetime warranty.

Off Road LED Light Bars

LED off-road light bars are often used for personal vehicles like trucks, jeeps, and ATVs, but they can also be a good addition for work or utility vehicles. LED light bars provide extra, powerful light in any environment and can give you the extended light that headlights just can’t produce. Our light bars vary anywhere from 4in to 50in and come in a variety of styles. We also carry a variety of beam angles including spot, medium, flood, combo beam, and selectable multi-beam. Flood beam angles are a great way to illuminate a large amount of space within a short distance for work projects and off-road drives. All of our light bars have been tested in-house to ensure the highest quality and come backed by a lifetime warranty.

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