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Using the latest RGB LEDs, COB LEDs, SMD LEDs (surface mount led), this selection will have everything needed for customized projects or sensitive electronic devices. High power led packages include 5050 LEDs, 5mm LEDs, 3mm LEDs, 3528 LEDs, and 2835 LEDs. Standard through hole LEDs and pre-wired LEDs or cutting edge technologies of tri-color LEDs and RGBW LEDs are available. Panel indicator lights and ready-made solutions are also available.

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LED Color
0.8 lm
Viewing Angle
 360 degree 
LED Package
5 mm (T-1 3/4)
Tube Diameter
Color Temperature
462 nm
Blue through hole 5mm LED. Features 800 millilumens and 462nm wavelength. This unique LED has a diffuser coating which emits blue light in all directions, 360 degrees around, from end and bottom, just like a filament bulb. Component LEDs are sensitive electronic devices and require some knowledge of electronic circuits to operate them. Price listed is per unit, however, bulk discounts are available and are automatically applied to your order.
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$0.79 ea.
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$0.79 ea.
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