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Aluminum Channels

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Part NO
Total Length
B8288ANODA_139.4 in$7.95
(Qty 1-349)
B8288ANODA_278.72 in$15.95
(Qty 1-99)
B8288ANODA_2-F78.72 in$30.88
(Qty 1-99)
B8288ANODA_1-F39.4 in$17.88
(Qty 1-99)

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About Aluminum Channels

Create your own LED light fixture with aluminum LED channels. These LED profile housings provide a clean, finished look for LED strip lights. They're available in various shapes that may be cut to any size. Complete the look with end caps, lenses, and an in-line switch. Suitable for any application, including under-cabinet lighting, bookshelf lighting, cupboard lighting, cove lighting, stair lighting, and more.

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