Why Tunable LEDs Are a Significant Trend for 2023

Why Tunable LEDs Are a Significant Trend for 2023

The color temperature of light has a big influence on how people perceive space. There have been countless studies examining the different outcomes of changing color temperature, such as shopping patterns, mood, health and wellness, productivity, and more. 

With the warmth or coolness of light impacting so many variables, it’s easy to imagine that there isn’t only one right answer for a given application. With tunable LEDs, you can control the color temperature of your light source and adapt it in real time. This means unparalleled freedom to optimize the color temperature for circadian rhythm, productivity, aesthetics, and much more, without changing out your light fixtures. All it takes are a few taps on a remote or even a smartphone. 

This technology is poised to bring unprecedented control and flexibility to all kinds of lighting solutions. 

How Tunable LEDs Work

Tunable LEDs are fixtures that contain multiple LEDs of different color temperatures. The bulb is able to combine light from each LED to achieve the precise color temperature desired. It is the LED bulb itself that contains the tunable technology, which makes the technology incredibly useful for retrofit projects. 

Using Tunable LEDs to Light Your Home 

Tunable lighting can enhance almost every aspect of your home.  If you're the host of all the Holiday parties, tunable lights are perfect for showing off food platters, and setting whatever mood you want for the guests in your home. 

It’s also an excellent choice for homes, because it allows you to easily adjust the color temperature when you paint walls new colors or update your decor. You can also choose to mimic the patterns of natural light.

Tunable Lighting systems use dimmers, this means energy savings! A report by LEDs Magazine showed that every percentage point of dimming saves about the same percentage of energy needed to light the bulb. 

Tunable Lighting in Schools

Tunable lights are popular choices for schools, because maintenance staff can easily adapt them to a variety of learning activities. 

Different kinds of lighting can trigger different physiological effects. Having classroom lighting that can be set to any temperature can help students focus in different settings. Schools can adjust the temperature to specific learning activities. The right lighting can be crucial to setting the desired effects on humans along with their moods and emotions. 

Along with performance benefits, they are also cost effective.  Switching to Tunable LEDs can allow schools to use 90% less energy and will last 25 times longer than the average incandescent. 

Tunable Lighting in New Construction

It’s not uncommon for the lighting to be installed, the paint dried, and the owner of a project to realize the color temperature clashes with the paint. As this happens at the tail end of the project timeline, no one wants to stop and repaint and no one ever wants to start ripping out light fixtures when it’s time to work on the punch list. With tunable lights, you can easily prevent change orders or schedule delays, and provide building owners with the best possible solution.

Tunable Lighting in Commercial Applications

Tunable LEDs are incredibly popular in hotels and restaurants, where lighting has a profound effect on the mood and atmosphere, and the mood and atmosphere have a profound effect on perceived value. Managers can easily change the color temperature and brightness to the time of day or season of year, to get exactly the right feel for their guests. 

Tunable lights are also possible in airport concourses, where mimicking the natural circadian rhythms can help travelers who may be moving across time zones. It can help make the space feel more natural and reduce eye strain for weary travelers.

Tunable Lighting for Municipalities

When it comes to street lighting, local ordinances rule all decision making. Depending on the local codes or guidelines, it might be useful to have flexibility in selecting the color temperature of your street lights. Not only that, it’s possible to make a colder climate feel warmer, with a warmer light and make a hot night feel a little bit cooler. 

If you think tunable LEDs would be a good fit for your application, talk to our sales team. Call today at 866-590-3533.

December 12, 2022
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