The Strip Lights Landing Page

The Strip Lights Landing Page

Have you noticed? We’ve recently updated our Strip Lights landing page!

This updated landing page layout allows you to shop by what is most important to you when it comes to strip lights, such as correlated color temperature (CCT). CCT is the shade of white a light emits, and can be used to set the tone of the environment. This is measured using the Kelvin Scale, and can make a room feel warmer with a lower kelvin and cooler with a higher kelvin.

One of the newest ways to navigate through this landing page is by color. Each color category is filled with a wide variety of options to choose from. These are the perfect way to add illumination for under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, shelf lighting, pool lighting, deck lighting, landscape lighting, home theater light, architectural lighting, and more.

When shopping, be sure to pick the right Kelvin and lumen output for you. Kelvin is a unit of measurement used to measure how white a light is and how it can make a room feel warmer or cooler, like mentioned above. Lumen output refers to how bright a light is. More lumens makes a light brighter, and less lumens makes a light dimmer. Color options to choose from include:

  • White LED Light Strips: cool white, natural white, warm white, and tunable white
  • Single Color LED Light Strips: red, amber, yellow, green, blue, pink, and UV (Black light) 
  • Color Changing LED Strip Lights: RGB, RGB + White, color chasing RGB, and tunable white

Once you have selected your color, you can narrow down your choices, and choose from various lumens, IP ratings, and lengths. Whether you’re planning to use these strip lights indoors or outdoors, we are sure to have what you need.

Shopping by product type is another way to shop through this page. This allows you to find products based on certain characteristics, and find other products with similar characteristics. Product types to shop by include:

  • Non-weatherproof: perfect for any indoor application that will not be exposed to water, or has a length that will need to be customized.
  • Weatherproof/Outdoor: with an IP65 rating, these are great for any indoor or outdoor applications that will be exposed to water.
  • High CRI: great for displaying colors accurately and where color depth is critical.
  • 12 Volt LED Strip Lights: ideal for vehicle applications and various other projects, or any indoor or outdoor application.
  • 24 Volt LED Strip Lights: great for home and commercial applications, as well as both indoor and outdoor that might require customizable lengths or longer runs.
  • Complete LED Strip Kits: provides everything you need for your own professional grade indoor or outdoor strip lights installation.

Within these product types, you will find products that are weatherproof, waterproof, and non-waterproof. You will also find a variety of color temperatures, lumens, lengths, and more to choose from. When it comes to a project, make sure you are picking the appropriate lighting application for you.

The final way to shop through this new layout is by category. These categories make it easier to find just what you need by simply clicking on the category in which the product has been classified into. Product categories to shop be include:

  • All LED Strip Tape Lights: the most versatile lights, provide indoor or outdoor application options, and can go almost anywhere.
  • Rigid LED Linear Light Bars: great for workshops, under-cabinet lights, and other home and commercial applications.
  • Flexible LED Neon Strip: use these flexible and decorative strips as an alternative to glass tube neon signs.
  • LED Controllers & LED Dimmers: control brightness, lighting effects, and color levels of your lights with our wide variety of controllers and dimmers.
  • LED Profile Housings: these will give your LED strip lights a clean, finished look and can be cut to fit any size strip light.
  • LED Drivers and Power Suppliers: choose from a variety of LED drivers and power suppliers to fit any LED lighting need.

Each category contains different indoor and outdoor application options, and are perfect for several different projects. If you are looking for lighting accessories, such as remotes and housings, these categories will help you find them in no time.

August 20, 2019