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Bronze security light installed on a brick home
May 9, 2024 14 min read

The Best LED Outdoor Security Lights For 2024

Home security is a top priority for every homeowner, and one of the most effective ways to protect your home is by using the proper lighting. Home security lighting helps deter potential intruders by shedding light on your property and entryways. Adding light around your house can also make it easier to monitor activity on security cameras or Ring doorbells. With so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the best home security lights for your needs. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best outdoor security lights to enhance your home's security and provide you with peace of mind.

What We Test Against In Our Test Lab

At Super Bright LEDs, we provide only top-quality lighting products. Every light that we sell has been rigorously tried and tested by our in-house test lab. Our trained lighting technicians test each light for their quality, durability, and ability to last over time. They also measure the light distribution and lumen output for each light to make sure we offer products that will be suited for their intended application. Our LED outdoor security lights have been thoroughly tested in our test lab, so you can rest assured that all the lights on our list are high-quality, high-performing, and reliable for your home lighting.

Best Overall Outdoor Security Light

The 45W LED Motion Sensor Security Light steals the show for the best overall security light with its various adjustable settings and powerful light output. The fixture features adjustable knobs that allow you to change the duration of time the light stays on, the amount of light emitted, and the motion detection range. We also love that this motion sensor light is made from durable aluminum, which gives it an edge over other plastic models. With 3 adjustable light heads, 180° detection, and 3,825-lumen output, this fixture is guaranteed to shed bright security lighting wherever you need for reliable protection. We recommend using this light for driveways, patios, porches, entryways, and long walkways.


  • Time settings: 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes
  • Sensitivity settings: 10 ft - 60 ft
  • Durable aluminum housing
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • 120 VAC
  • ETL Listed
  • 5-year warranty
Outdoor security light with three heads and motion sensor Outdoor security light with three heads and motion sensor
Specifications of the 45W LED Motion Sensor Security Light Specifications of the 45W LED Motion Sensor Security Light

Best Value Outdoor Security Light

Our pick for the best value security light is the 20W Integrated LED Motion Sensor Light. This light packs a powerful punch of bright security light with its 1,800-lumen output and two adjustable heads. You can also easily control the motion detection range, how long the light stays on, and the amount of light that is emitted through the adjustable motion sensor settings. We love that the integrated sensor light also features a sensor bypass which allows this security light to function as a regular wall flood light by using an On/Off switch. Available in white and bronze, you can choose the best color to match your home’s exterior. This security light would be best suited for porches, patios, yards, pathways, and driveways.


One satisfied customer rated this product with 5 stars and raved “Purchased this Motion Sensor Light to replace an old incandescent one. Installation went pretty well straight forward with no problems. This light is much brighter than the old one plus it will save me money.”


  • Wall or eave mount
  • Bypass sensor for wall switch control
  • 10-watts per head
  • 100-277V
  • 50,000-hour L70 lifespan
  • IP65 rated for wet conditions
  • ETL Listed
  • 5-year warranty
Outdoor security light with two light heads and a motion sensor Outdoor security light with two light heads and a motion sensor
Adjustable settings for the 20W Integrated LED Motion Sensor Light Adjustable settings for the 20W Integrated LED Motion Sensor Light

Best Motion Sensor Light

For those wanting a reliable motion sensor security light, we recommend the 30W Integrated LED Motion Sensor Light. This light is optimized for wide and bright perimeter protection with its three adjustable lights; adjust the duration of time the light stays on between motion detection from 2 seconds to 10 minutes, choose the amount of light it takes to activate the sensor from 5-300 lux, and change the motion detection range between 10ft and 60ft. We think this light gives you the best bang for your buck with its three adjustable light heads and an output of 2,700 lm. Additionally, a bypassable sensor allows you to use this light as either a motion sensor light or a standard area light via the On/Off. We recommend using this motion sensor light for perimeters, porches, driveways, entrances, and exterior walls.


One customer gave this product a 5-star rating and expressed “Excellent light fixture (coverage and lighting quality) with adjustable sensitivity for motion sensor.”



  • Bypass sensor for wall switch control
  • 10-watts per head
  • 100-277V
  • 50,000-hour L70 lifespan
  • IP65 rated for wet conditions
  • ETL Listed
  • 5-year warranty
Home security light with three light heads and a built in motion sensor Home security light with three light heads and a built in motion sensor
Bypassable sensor for the 30W Integrated LED Motion Sensor Light Bypassable sensor for the 30W Integrated LED Motion Sensor Light

Best Dusk to Dawn Light with an Integrated Photocell

We recommend the 20W Mini LED Wall Pack for the best home security light with an integrated photocell. This wall pack delivers a powerful 2,900-lumen output in a 100-degree beam angle for optimal security lighting. We love that this light features a field-selectable CCT switch so that you can choose the best color temperature for your home. Use the bypassable photocell to use this wall pack as a standard area light. Additionally, this fixture is extremely durable with its aluminum housing and impact-resistant lens. It can be wired through a conduit, therefore making it more tamper resistant. We recommend using this light in remote areas such as detached garages and sheds or for perimeter lighting. 



  • 100° beam angle
  • Photocell sensor turns on below 25 lx, turns off above 130 lx
  • Efficacy up to 145 lm/W at 4000K
  • 80+ CRI
  • 1/2" conduit knockouts
  • 0-10V dimmable
  • IP65 rated for wet conditions
  • DLC Premium, Certified by UL
  • 5-year warranty
Bronze wall pack with photocell sensor Bronze wall pack with photocell sensor

Best Light Bulb for Security Light Fixtures

Our choice for the best security lighting light bulb is the weatherproof Green Creative 12W PAR38 LED Bulb. If you have an existing motion sensor security light but want to upgrade to LEDs, this bulb is the perfect option. Its weatherproof design allows this bulb to be installed in wet outdoor locations. The PAR38 bulb installs into standard E26 sockets, so installation is as easy as screwing your new LED into the existing fixture. This light bulb emits up to 1,150 lumens for bright security protection.



  • White housing with a 40° beam
  • Suitable for wet locations
  • TRIAC dimming
  • E26 base
  • 120 VAC
  • UL Listed
  • Energy Star Certified

Best Flood Light

Our top pick for the best flood security light is this LED Flood Light With Selectable CCT and Wattage. This powerful light delivers up to 7,800 lumens of bright light in a wide beam distribution pattern that is perfect for lighting entryways and exterior walls. We love that it offers selectable 40W, 50W, or 60W power options and 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K color temperatures so that you can tailor your lighting to fit your home. It also features a bypassable photocell for both dusk-to-dawn and standard On/Off operation. And with a rated L70 lifetime of 50,000 hours, you can be sure that this flood light will provide security lighting for many years to come. We recommend using this light for lighting up large areas such as your home’s entryway, backyard patio, or exterior walls.


  • Die cast aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • 1-10V Dimming
  • 5200 Lumens, 6500 Lumens, or 7800 Lumens
  • NEMA 7x7 Distribution Type
  • Included knuckle mount adjusts 180° total- 90° forward and 90° backward
  • 120-277 VAC
  • Certified by UL
  • DLC 5.1 Premium
  • 5-year warranty

Commonly Asked Questions About Outdoor Security Lighting

Are flood lights good for security?

Flood lights can be an excellent option for home security lighting. Flood lights are designed to provide a broad and intense beam of light that illuminates large areas. They can help deter potential intruders by exposing their presence and making it more difficult for them to hide. Additionally, the bright light can make it easier for homeowners to see any potential threats or suspicious activity around their property. Some flood lights come with motion sensors, which can be an added layer of security. However, it's important to note that flood lights alone may not be sufficient for complete home security. It's always recommended to use a combination of different types of lighting and security measures to ensure optimal protection for your home.

How many lumens should I use for outdoor security lights?

The number of lumens you should use for outdoor security lights depends on the size of the area you want to illuminate and the purpose of the lights. As a general rule of thumb, security lights should have at least 700 to 1300 lumens to be effective. However, if you want to illuminate a larger area or need brighter lighting, you may need to use lights with a higher lumen output. Additionally, be mindful of local regulations and lighting ordinances that may dictate the maximum number of lumens for outdoor lighting in your area.

Can you add a motion sensor to an outdoor light?

Yes, you can add a motion sensor to an outdoor security light. Depending on the light you want to install the motion sensor to, installation could be as simple as plugging in the accessory sensor or as complicated as rewiring the security light fixture to connect the motion sensor to the wiring. If you're not comfortable doing either, hire a licensed electrician to do the installation.

How long do motion sensor lights stay on?

The duration of time that your motion sensor lights will stay on after being activated depends on the specific settings of your light. Typically, most motion sensor security lights will stay on for 30-60 seconds, but you may be able to change this time to fit your needs. Check the manual of your motion sensor light to see the individual product specifications.

What are other ways to add security lighting to my home?

For a low-key approach to security lighting, add subtle spot lights and path lights around your home. These lights are able to blend into your landscape while still offering the lighting necessary to deter intruders. Outdoor spot lights can be carefully aimed to shed light on important areas of your house, while path lights can line the walkway or exterior of your house for decorative yet essential added protection.

Why Choose Super Bright LEDs?

When you shop Super Bright LEDs, you can feel confident in knowing you’re getting the highest-quality LED lights on the market. Our in-house test lab rigorously tests all of the products we carry. Additionally, we provide all of our customers with before and after sales support from our call center located at our headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. And we do all of this while still offering some of the best prices in the industry.

*Warranty is subject to change. Please see the product page for a product's warranty.

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