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Slim, Dimmable LED Panel Lights Provide Flawless Illumination

dimmable panel light group

We’re happy to announce the arrival of three new 40-watt dimmable LED panel lights. The 1-by-4-foot, 2-by-4-foot, and 2-by-2-foot, LED light panels use Even-Glow® technology and diffused optical lenses to deliver smooth, flawless illumination without visible bulbs or hot spots. They can be recessed mounted or surface mounted to an existing ceiling junction box. The LED fixtures emit up to 4,600 lumens of natural white illumination for home lighting, kitchen lighting, living room lighting, office lighting, basement lighting, sign backlighting, hospital lighting, and more.

recessed LED panel lights - office




LEDs in the panel lights are designed to last five times longer than fluorescent tube light bulbs without the notorious hum or flicker they produce. Each LED panel light has a slim, white aluminum alloy frame and an internal 0-10-volt dimmable constant-current driver. Dimming can be achieved with a 0-10-volt switch or by using the light’s power-cycle feature to activate set brightness levels. The energy-efficient panel lights operate within a 100-277V AC range.

Fluorescent panel light (left) compared to an LED panel light (right)
Fluorescent panel light (left) compared to an LED panel light (right)

LED panel lights group

LED panel lights - back