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LED Skylights: Bring the Outdoors Inside!

LED skylights - image options

Our LED Skylights are vibrant customizable light fixtures that bring interest to waiting areas, conference rooms, children’s bedrooms, and more. These energy-efficient skylight alternatives feature anything from sky images with clouds, rainbows, or palm trees to ocean life images. You can even upload your own image or choose from the stock images that we offer. Using edge-lit LEDs and a light guide panel, the Even-Glow® Skylights emit smooth illumination through images with no visible bulbs or hot spots.

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LED skylights - for drop ceilings

LED skylights - flush mount installation

Standard Options:
These dimmable LED Skylights are available in 2-by-2-, 2-by-4-, 1-by-1-, and 1-by-2-foot versions that can be either flush mounted or mounted in drop ceilings. 

Tunable White Options:
We also offer 2-by-2- and 2-by-4-foot tunable white LED skylights for drop ceilings. These panels have adjustable white color temperature from 3000K-5000K that can be controlled with a remote. With the beneficial ability to mimic natural daylight cycles, they’re great for offices, schools, hospitals, basements, and more. Once you’ve selected your desired shade of white, you can also use the remote to dim this LED Skylight. 


Multi-Panel Options:
For a truly eye-catching display, we offer multi-panel LED Skylight systems where images are split across a number of panels. You can choose from select sky designs, upload your own image, or easily search through our massive inventory of stock images. Depending upon the the multi-panel product you choose, set layout or custom-configuration options are available.

LED skylights - multi-panel display

LED skylights - multi-panel display 2x4

LED skylights - custom multi-panel display

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LED light box panels