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National Use Less Stuff Day

This year November 21st is National Use Less Stuff Day. The day was created to help people think about the excess amounts of stuff we throw away every year. 

When we think about things we can cut back our thoughts go to straws, fuel emissions, plastic water bottles, the list goes on, and on. There are less traditional ways to use less stuff, like using less energy. One way you can do that is by switching to LED lighting where you can.

On average LED lights last around 50,000 hours compared to incandescent light bulbs that on average last around 1,200 hours. LEDs also emit more light than traditional bulbs, all while using far less power. The lesser power requirements can benefit the electrical grid by causing less stress on it. In turn, this cuts down on the use of fossil fuels like coal and natural gas that are commonly used to power most electrical grids. 

Additionally, LEDs don’t use harmful chemicals like Mercury which is found in CFL Lights (compact fluorescents). Both the manufacturing and use of LEDs cause less damage to the environment than most traditional lighting options. 

It’s also important to remember that LEDs can be more beneficial to the environment when they are recycled properly. Many of the components used to make LEDs can be recycled and reused to make new LEDs. 

You can find all sorts of energy-efficient lights on our website, from something as simple as a low-voltage household LED bulb to high-output industrial LED Parking Lot Lights. Along with the quality energy-efficient LED lighting solutions we provide, we also strive to give the best customer service experience possible. Our goal is to give customers the knowledge and tools needed to complete any lighting project with ease. Speak with dedicated customer service representatives to help with pre- and post-purchase questions. We also offer volume discounts when you purchase lights in large quantities. You can get even more savings with utility rebates from your local utility companies. Most local utility companies will offer you monetary incentives for switching large amounts of applicable lights to energy-efficient LEDs because of their lower power consumption requirements. We offer rebate assistance to help you get the most savings with either our utility rebate tool on the website or by calling one of our customer service representatives

Have a great National Use Less Stuff Day by doing your part to cut back on the use of plastic bottles, straws, fuel, and energy by making the switch to LED Lighting!