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LED Vapor-Proof Jelly Jar Lights Are Here!

We’re excited to introduce¬†our new LED Vapor-Proof Jelly Jar Lights. The wall-mount, ceiling-mount, and pendant-mount light fixtures are UL Listed for wet locations and can be exposed to chemical vapors without the risk of fire or combustion. They can be used for warehouse lighting, marine lighting, food processing plants, commercial laundromat lighting, coolers/freezers, tunnels, and more.

LED Vapor-Proof Jelly Jar Lights - wall mount

LED Vapor-Proof Jelly Jar Lights - pendant mount

LED Vapor-Proof Jelly Jar Lights - ceiling mount

Each LED vapor-proof light emits 1,800 lumens of natural white illumination and consumes 20 watts of power. These fixtures have heavy-duty die cast aluminum housings with built-in LED-cooling heat sinks. LEDs are protected by a frosted glass lens that allows for even light distribution, and the lens is caged for durability. Each of these vapor-proof LED lights is designed to last 42 times longer than incandescent bulbs.