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LED Linear High Bay Lights: Powerful Illumination for Industrial/Commercial Environments

We’re excited to offer numerous new LED linear high-bay lights!¬†Powerful 2-foot fixtures are available in 80-220-watt versions that emit up to 29,000 lumens of cool white light. The 4-foot fixtures consume 100-300 watts while emitting up to 41,400 lumens of cool white light. To have equivalent output, fluorescent fixtures would need as many as 8 4-foot T5HO bulbs or 15 2-foot F24T5HO bulbs.

80W - 10,400 Lumens110W - 14,300 Lumens
165W - 21,500 Lumens220W - 29,000 Lumens
100W - 13,600 Lumens150W - 19,650 Lumens
200W - 27,600 Lumens250W - 33,500 Lumens
300W - 41,400 Lumens

These dimmable LED linear high-bay lights are designed for a variety of applications that require high light output, such as warehouse lighting, factory lighting, parking garage lighting, tunnel lighting, gym lighting, and supermarket lighting.

LED linear high bay lights in warehouse

LED linear high bay lights in warehouse aisle

They are durably constructed with white aluminum housings and frosted diffusers. Each LED linear high-bay light can be suspended or hung with a rigid conduit bracket.