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Extreme-Duty LED Work Lights: Vibration-Resistant Brackets. Multi-Bolt Mounting.

Our extreme-duty LED work lights are finally here! These work lights have heavy-duty, vibration-resistant rubber mounts, dual-axis side adjustments, and three mounting bolts to ensure that the lights keep their aim.

heavy-duty LED work light - 5.5 inch heavy-duty LED work light - 4 inch









Unlike our standard work lights, which offer vibration resistance on applications such as trucks, ATVs, and UTVs, these LED lights are designed for extreme-duty applications. Suitable applications include excavators, tree delimbers, forestry, logging, mining, quarry, and agricultural equipment, military vehicles, and more.

heavy-duty LED work lights on excavator - 5.5 inch

heavy-duty LED work lights on forestry delimber - 4 inch

heavy-duty LED work lights on excavator with breaker - 5.5 inch

heavy-duty LED work lights on mini excavator - 4 inch

The 4-inch and 5.5-inch LED work lights emit 2,000 or 5,600 raw lumens of cool white illumination, respectively, in a 36-degree spot beam pattern. Consuming just 30 or 80 watts of power, the LED work lights are energy-efficient replacements for lights with comparable halogen bulbs, which would consume up to 560 watts. They’re also designed to last 83 times longer than halogen bulbs.

4-inch LED work light output
4-inch work light output
5.5-inch LED work light output
5.5-inch work light output

Each LED work light has a shatterproof polycarbonate lens and a shock-resistant aluminum housing with an integral LED-cooling heat sink. The waterproof lights are powder coated for rust resistance. They operate within a wide 9-64V DC range and have 13-inch wire leads.

heavy-duty LED work light housing - 4 inch heavy-duty LED work light housing - 5.5 inch