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LED Lights Backlighting Stained Glass

Posted on January 25, 2012

Special thanks to customer David W.


David's wife made a beautiful stained glass window to display in their home. The only issue that came up was without a light source it didn't really stand out the way they knew it was capable of doing. David and his wife purchased our NFLS-ss-WW flexible light strip in order to provide the backlighting they needed to make their window stand out the way they knew it could.


First David took the frame of the window and lined his NFLS-ss-WW strip along the circular parts of the frame and pointed the LEDs inward towards the middle of the window.  

LEDs inside a stained glass window


Next he hooked up his LDRF-8A: LED Dimmer w/RF Remote and HMA-30NU-R12: 30 Watt - 12VDC power supply to the strip. This gives him a steady supply of 12V power and the ability to dim his LEDs to produce just the right amount of light for their window.

Stained Glass Window Lit With LEDs


Take a look at the finished product after they installed their LED backlit stained glass back on the ceiling!

Room With Stained Glass Lit With LED Light Strip

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