LDRF-RGB4-A RGB Controller w/ RF Remote and Audio

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  1. Do not use amplifier until max run of RGB Controller or RGB Amplifier is met.
Product Description
Universal Red/Green/Blue (RGB) LED Controller & Dimmer with handheld RF Remote can control any 12VDC or 24VDC RGB LED products. Select 1 of 7 Static Modes or 1 or 4 Dynamic Color-Changing Modes with Speed and ON/OFF controls. Built-in microphone with sensitivity knob or line-level audio input jack to trigger color change. Maximum load of 4 amps per channel, 12 amps total.
Standards and Certifications
CEFCCROHS Compliant2 Warranty
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LDRF-RGB4-A RGB Controller with RF Remote


LDRF-RGB4-A: 12VDC RGB LED Controller
The Model LDRF-RGB4-A is used to control 12 Volt RGB LED Light Bars and Light Strips with common anode wiring, such as our xFLS-RGB series Light Strip. Using the included hand held wireless remote controle, RGB Light Strips can be set to one of seven different static colors or one of four different flashing patterns. The remote control can also adjust pattern speed and turn system ON and OFF. With 10 Amp continous load capability, the LDRF-RGB4-A can drive up to 30 meters of our xFLS-RGB Light Strips. For longer runs use our RGB Amplifiers. Built-in microphone with sensitivity knob is used to trigger color change in time to music for pattern number 12 & 13. Alternatively, Line-Level audio input jack (3.5V p/p max) can be used to trigger color change

Controller Connections

Product Specifications

Applications:  Specific color selection or color change with speed control modes for accent lighting
Function: Control 3 channel RGB LED products using wireless remote
Operating Voltage:   12 Volts DC
Connection Mode:   Common Anode (+)
Output:  Three CMOS drain-open output
Maximum Load Current:   4 Amps/channel (12 Amps total)
Output Power:  144 Watts
Overall Size:  (L)114 X (W)64 X (H)25 mm
Control Method:  Wireless RF Remote Control
Batteries Required: 23A, 12V battery for Remote (included)
Modes: 13 total (7 static and 6 dynamic) see desc. below
Operating Temperature: -20~60°C


1.) Only power with 12VDC Power Supply and connect to 12 Volt Light Strips or unit will be damaged. Our Compact 50Watt and 24 Watt Power Supplies will plug into DC IN jack on left side of unit. Our Enclosed Power Supplies can be direct wired to "+" and "-" terminals on removable Green connector on right side of unit.
2.) Wireless controller uses one 23A, 12V battery.
3.) Connect according to the above drawing and note that the Green Connectors can be unplugged from the unit.
4.) Red LED will come on when unit is receiving power, Green LED will flash when RF signal is received from handheld transmitter.
5.) UP and DOWN buttons will only work when unit is in one of the four color-changing (dynamic) modes.
6.) Each Controller has a handheld Remote matched to it and will only work with it's matched Remote. One Remote cannot operate multiple Controllers.
7.) Controller can control a maximum of 30 meters of our Flexible RGB LED Strip. Over 30 meters, the Strips have to connect with an amplifier to reinforce the transmission of signal. Use one RGB Amplifier for every 30 meters of additional LED Strips.
8.) Do not exceed 80% of Power Supply capacity when calculating Power Supply size to use in your system.
9.) Suitable for automobile applications

RF Remote Control


Dimensions in millimeters (inches)

Typical Wiring Schematic

RGB Light Bars & StripsUniversal RGB Controllers and Dimmers
Numbers below represent the maximum number of units the controller can drive without the use of RGB amplifiers
RGB Amplifiers
Numbers below represent the maximum number of units the Amplifier can drive
ProductCurrent Draw @ 12 Volt DCProduct LengthMax Run*LDRF-RGB4-ARGB-A4RGB-WA4MRGB-A4MRGB-A4-CPSRGBW-A6
RGB-1-DI230ma0.305m (1ft)205252525252104
NFLS-RGB15-DI202ma0.5m (1.6ft)205959595959118
NFLS-RGB30-DI404ma1m (3.3ft)10292929292959
NFLS-RGB150-DI1855ma5m (16.4ft)26666612
NFLS-RGB150X23295ma5m (16.4ft)1333337
NFLS-RGB150-KIT1970ma5m (16.4ft)26666612
NFLS-RGB30X2-WHT808ma1m (3.3ft)5141414141429
NFLS-RGBNW300X3-WHT4700ma5m (16.4ft)1222225
NFLS-RGBWW300X3-WHT3750ma5m (16.4ft)1333336
* Maximum number of light bars in one run (end to end) - for higher quantities, multiple runs back to the power supply, controller, or amplifier must be made to prevent excessive voltage drop Note: To determine the maximum number of any LED products on a single Power Supply - divide the total current capability of the power supply by the current draw of the LED product - then multiply that number by 0.8 (for 80% capacity)
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