Motorcycle Engine Color Changing RGB LED Lighting Kit

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Product Description
Complete Motorcycle Engine RGB Color Changing LED Lighting Kit with two 1/2 meter (19.7 in) Weatherproof Flexible RGB LED Strips. Strips mount using 3M VHB adhesive backing and can be cut into 3-LED segments. Includes 2 x RF remote control key fobs for RGB Controller with color changing mode control. Kit comes with everything needed for a clean, professional installation of custom motorcycle engine lighting. Applications includes Harley Davidsons, Cruisers, Sport Bikes, Choppers, and Snowmobiles. See Motorcycle Engine Single Color LED Lighting Kit
Standards and Certifications
CEFCCROHS CompliantUL Recognized99 Warranty
Kit Includes
2 x Weatherproof RGB Flexible Light Strip
2 x Heat Shrink Snap Spade
1 x Wireless Remote Control Switch
2 x Double-Sided Foam Pad
6 x Wire Nut
2 x 11 inch Black Cable Ties
5 x 6 inch Black Cable Ties

Motorcycle Engine Color Changing
Lighting Kit with Remote

Parts Include

2 - 19.7” (50cm) 12V RGB LED Flexible Light Strip (WFLS-RGB15-BK)
2 - 1/4” Heat Shrink Snap Spades (CSS-120)
1 - RGB RF Controller w/ Key Fobs (RCA-RFRGB)
2 - Double-sided Adhesive Foam Pads (3M-FTP)

6 - Grey Wire Nuts (WN-2216)
5 - 6” Wire Ties (CT-B06)
2 - 11” Wire Ties (CT-B11)
  • Observe polarity, reversing controllers polarity may damage unit
  • Power controller unit only from 12V DC source
  • Never use with other than included 2 Amp/12 Volt fuse, do not exceed 1.5 Amp maximum load. If you are blowing this fuse, it means you have a short somewhere in your wiring. Using a larger fuse could result in a fire and damage to wiring and product.

Important Note:

Please check your state and local laws before installing the kit. Every state has different policies and procedures for aftermarket accessories. Super Bright LEDs, Inc. is not responsible for any fines that you may incur while using the motorcycle engine light kit. This kit is designed for off road use only

Pre-test & Configure

Briefly connect the strips black common positive wire to positive (V+) on battery, and Red, Green, and Blue negative wire to negative (RGB) on battery to test for proper light operation. RGB strip should illuminate all colors rendering White light.

Hold light strip under gas tank or desired accent location to determine the length needed for your installation. Strips may be trimmed. See cutting details below.

Make sure wires can be routed in a such a way that they will not be pinched, cut, or exposed to direct heat or moving parts. If a power wire is pinched it could cause the kit to malfunction, and may void the warranty due to physical damage.


1. Make sure motorcycle is cool; mounting surface should be between 45°F ~ 80°F to achieve strongest bonding results from strips adhesive backing. Motorcycle should be parked on a flat surface and secured for installation. Ensure installation surface is clean and dry, free from any oils, dirt, wax, and moisture.

2. Locate battery and unhook the battery negative (-) cable. Remove seat or side covers as needed to gain access to this area.

WARNING: Negative (-) battery cable must be unhooked first to avoid fire hazard

3. Starting from the front of the tank with the strip’s wires to the rear of tank, begin to remove strips backing while adhering to underside of tank near frame. Press firmly to secure strip to surface. Repeat for other side of tank.

4. Using diagram as a guide, connect black common positive wires (V+) from both strips to one black wire from RF controller box using one of the included wire nuts. (see Diagram 1)

5. Next, connect RGB strips Red, Green, and Blue wires to the corresponding Red, Green, and Blue wires from RF controller box using the included wire nuts. (see Diagram 1)

6. Connect remaining red power wire with integrated fuse from RF controller box to positive (+) contact of battery. Connect other black wire to snap spade and ground to frame or negative (-) side of battery. (see Diagram 1)

7. Mount RF controller box to a convenient location below seat using double-sided adhesive foam pads or included zip ties.

8. Reconnect battery negative (-) cable and test using the key fob remote for proper installation.


Cut strips to appropriate length using scissors on lines indicated with scissor icon. Strip can only be cut on these lines, when cutting, be sure to cut the strips in groups of LEDs that are in multiples of 3.

Cutting strip in the wrong location will cause strip to fail, and void warranty.

Modes / Controller
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