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Part Number: 7443-SCK Cross Reference: N/A Part Number Aliases:7443-SACK, 7443-SRCK
  1. LED Emitting Color Should Match Lens Color ...Read More
    For best results the LED color should be the same as the lens color. If bulb is behind a clear lens, use the appropriate color for turn and brake light functions.

    Lens color diagram
  2. Your vehicle may require an LED compatible Flasher or Load Resistor. LED brake/tail lamps will not flash with most stock flasher units due to their extremely low current draw ...Read More
    LED brake/tail lamps will not flash with thermal flasher units due to their extremely low current draw. Also, with stock flasher units, the turn signals may flash faster than normal (Hyper-Flash). These installations will require an electronic flasher unit, available here (for some vehicles) or at your auto parts store. Try to find flashers designed to work with LED bulbs, they will say "LED compatible". Often HEAVY DUTY flashers will also work with LED bulbs.

    We offer some LED Flashers but we do not know which one (if any) will fit your vehicle. You will have to compare the pin-out of your flasher with the pin-outs of the flashers we offer, to see if we have a match, BEFORE you order one. Sorry but we do not have a flasher application list or the expertise to tell you which of our flashers will fit your vehicle.

    Another fix is the installation of Load Resistors which are wired across (in parallel with) the turn signal bulbs to simulate the load of a standard filament bulb. One Load Resistor is required for each bulb.

    Load Resistors
  3. Some vehicles require special SCK (SRCK=Red, SACK=Amber) Bulbs. ...Read More
    Whether or not these special SCK bulbs are required depend on your socket, specifically, the location of the ground terminals. We do not currently have all information in regards to the specific vehicle models requiring these bulbs. However, you can use the following information as a reference:

    Possible Vehicles requiring special 3157-SRCK (Red) bulbs, NOT our 3157 bulbs:
    1988-1999 (Old Body Style) Chevy and GMC full size trucks & SUVs center tail lamp bulbs
    (Our 3157 bulbs can be used for top tail lamp bulbs)
    1995-2001 Cavalier and Sunfire tail lamp bulbs
    1992-1998 Grand Am tail lamp bulbs
    2004-2007 Dodge Ram truck tail lamp bulbs

    Possible Vehicles requiring 3157-SACK (Amber) bulbs, NOT our 3157 bulbs:
    Toyota Tundra front turn signals

    You can manually check your socket by comparing it to the following image:
See our complete Vehicle LED replacement notes and FAQ section

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