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New Lobby LED Sign

Posted on October 31, 2011


Hey everyone, we just wanted to write a quick post about a new sign we installed here in our lobby. The sign was lit with LEDs which have become the standard in the sign making industry, however we built our new sign in a creative way.


The first step was to get four sheets of plexiglass cut so that our logo extends off of it. Next we got the plexiglass sheets frosted so that they are less transparent than they are.


The next step was to create a box in which the plexiglass words (our logo) was going to be mounted over. On the backside of this box facing towards the front we mounted our X3 LED light strips. This served as the lighting source that would later illuminate the frosted plexiglass.

Since our logo has four different colors in it, we had to separate the cavity of the large box into four smaller sections. We then placed four different colors of our X3 strip in the appropriate section of the box. We had to do this so that when the sign was finished there wouldn’t be any color bleed from one color to the next.

Next we placed a glossy black plastic cover over the outside of the box including on the non-raised parts of the plexiglass.

12V power sources were placed in the cavity of the sign so all that comes out the back are wires that can be hooked up to any standard power source.

Take a look at the finished product!


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    Universal 12V Vehicle Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter  

Posted on October 27, 2011


Our new Universal 12V Vehicle Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter is perfect for easily powering LEDs from you vehicle. Perfect for lighting up a night time tailgate while you cheer on your favorite team, or for an outdoorsman who might like a little extra light outside their truck. Simply plug this into your cigarette lighter and use your vehicle to power your LED products. Due to the low power draw from LEDs, there is minimal power drain even when powered for extended times. And the best part? It is available for under $4.00!


Check it out here:

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